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Kiyohra is a luxury occasion wear label which was born out of a vision and was brought into existence by its Founder and Designer Riddhi Karkera.

Kiyohra is a brand defined by its amalgamation of luxuriant embroidery and effortless silhouettes. The label aims to bring designs that are minimal and versatile for the modern millennial woman with fluid fabrics paired with captivating embellishments and textures.

At Kiyohra, a garment is not just another addition to your wardrobe. It is a project envisioned and nurtured with a lot of love and created individually with unique craftsmanship. In every design we create, you will sense a reflection of a creative responsibility. A responsibility towards making sure every client gets a meticulously hand-crafted outfit, made-to-measure to colour and cut specifications. We believe that quality presides over everything and we aim to deliver the best with every creation.